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Peer to Peer Family Support Partner

Full time / part time

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Full Time/Part Time

Family Support Organization of Bergen County, a NJ nonprofit organization, is seeking full time / part-time Peer to Peer Family Support Partners to work in Bergen County to provide support, education and advocacy for families who are raising children with emotional and behavioral challenges. 

Applicant must have been a parent or caregiver of a child with complex emotional/behavioral needs. Applicants must have personally raised or are raising a child / children with similar needs of the families we serve.


Applicants should be familiar and have advocated (on behalf of their child/grandchild/sibling etc.) with various system providers such as: schools; juvenile justice; mental health; child welfare, etc.


Peer to Peer Family Partners will be required to: 

  • Learn, understand, and educate families on the values and principles of the NJ Children’s System of Care and the Wraparound Model.

  • Build supportive relationships with parents/caregivers.

  • Coach families on techniques of self-advocacy.

  • Provide direct advocacy by participating in Child Family Teams, (CFT) Individual Educational Planning (IEP), court hearings, and other meetings as required.

  • Act as a referral resource to parents and caregivers.

  • Successfully complete all trainings required for the position.

  • Maintain written and electronic records as required.

*Bilinguals welcomed.

Flexible schedule including evening/night work required. Other requirements include valid driver’s license, clean driving record, reliable transportation, and basic computer skills. Full background check will be conducted by Family Support Organization of Bergen County.

Send resume/cover letter to or fax to 201-796-1151.

April 4, 2021

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